SPECIAL – Purchase 140 walks walks in advance and get 10 free walks!

We are here to help with your pet or pets. Any breed, young or senior, any size,we love them all! We know each of our clients has their own wants and needs, and we are here to help. Don’t allow your pet to sit at home bored day after day while you are at work. 

  • Midday walks – Enjoy your earned lunch time breaks during your work day. No need to rush home in traffic just to give your pet that midday walk. Pup Daddy has your back. We always tag our clients before leaving their home, and always have water with us during our walks. When we enter and leave your home we either send you an email, text, call you or leave a log on the counter, whichever you prefer. We always check the water in the house when we get back, and if you want us to feed your pet a midday meal or treat, just let us know!
  • Sitting/Vacations/Weekend Getaway – No need to consider boarding when home sweet home can be first choice.
  • Dog Park Visits – It’s boring to sit at home day after day. Twice a week we do group outings to the dog park. All our pets are tagged. Now your dog will have friends to look forward to seeing again and meet new friends. Nothing like burning off some energy and stimulating the mind!
  • Taxi Service – No need to miss work, we can taxi your pet to their vet visit, follow ups, even to the groomer if they are having a bad hair day!
  • Meds – No need to run home to give your pet his or her midday meds, we can help with that. If you’re a recurrent weekly midday walk client, this service is included.
  • Mobile Doggie daycare – Would you like your pet to go on a car ride just to get out? Maybe your pet is not a good car rider and needs short training car trips. Let your pet join their other furry friends and get around Houston with pupdaddywalks. The vehicle always has a handler in it, water and treats are always available, windows are super tinted, and there is air conditioning for hot summers and a heater for cold winters. Space and time slots are limited, so think ahead, book ahead!
    Are you going out of town and need a sitter? Pupdaddywalks has the solution.Why not another Pupdaddywalks member and when that member is going out of town you can stay with their pet to keep your pet company. Pupdaddywalks is already walking both of you so now everyone is covered. Pupdaddywalks already knows your pet and can match your pet up with another Pupdaddywalks member. Ask Elena or one of the supervisors for details. (This is only available to members, a very small finders fee is charged)
  • Other Pets – If you need us to care for your other pets also (cats, birds, horses, etc.), we are here to help.
  • Look under Booking Request for more services

Coming soon:

    • PDW. Private community club
    • Mobile Doggie Daycare

Pet Companion- Do you need a pet companion for your pet or for a senior citizen. Contact us, we can help.