Daisy Transport

Daisy Companionship Transport is dedicated and in memory of Daisy Hicks who suddenly, unexpectedly died of cancer.  She was truly loved by mommy Danielle Hicks and Dobe.

Dobe suffered separation anxiety. PDwalks helped by offering Mobile Doggie Day Care until mommy and Dobe found Reilly.

PDwalks felt the pain Dobe was going through so we created a new service so that no other dog has to go through separation anxiety. We are offering the following services to help:

1. Transport to and from doggie daycare centers
Lots of people want their pets to go to doggie daycare but can’t because the hours of pick up time interfere with work hours. Not anymore – PDwalks now can make that happen for you and your pets.

2. Transport to and from boarding
Planning a vacation can take a lot and it includes dropping your pet off at boarding and picking up when you come home. Not anymore –  PDwalks will pick up and have your pet home waiting on your arrival.

3. Transport to and from vet appointments
Nothing like making your vet appointment and having us transport there and back
home for you!

4. Transport to and from groomers appointments
Nothing like a hair day including limo services there and back while your’re at work, and your pet will be waiting for you to get home from work with a whole new “so what do you think” look.

5. Transport  to and from one doggie friends home
Don’t want to use doggie daycare for your pet? We can match your pet with another pet, or maybe you already have a pet friend. We can drop them off for a playdate so they can keep each other company and bring them back home.

6. Transport from shelters to home, Adoptions events etc.