Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting is a wonderful service which we also provide. Some pet sitting is done in the pet sitter’s home and some at your home. We are not like dog boarding facilities with such strict rules. Our space is limited and we turn down other jobs because of this limited space that we have saved for your pet. When you cancel on us at the last minute we not only lost your pet sit job, but also the others we turned down because of our limited space (especially during major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve).

We charge by day, not overnight, but it includes overnight if need be. For example, if you need five days overnight and you are home on the sixth day, you will be charged the sixth day because we will still be  pet sitting. If we are pet sitting at your home and leave that morning on the sixth day, then the am walk is included and you will not be charged for the sixth day unless we are staying and/or including a midday walk.

Why are we different? Most boarding places have restrictions, for example specific  drop off and pick up times. If you are late you will be charged and your pet stays overnight. They do not pick up or drop off your pet.

With PDWalks you can drop off any time and you can pick up any time. We can pick up and drop off your pet as long as we  have a key.

Please schedule your pet with the form below. We will receive and email and pencil your pet in. It is not guaranteed until it is paid in full 10 days prior to start date and the payment is non-refundable.